The Plan

The plan we create is essentially the blueprint for success. By declaring our goal will determine our intent. First will we establish short and long time goals. These goals will include on the ice, in the weight room, as well as outside of hockey. The plan may need some tweaks but will serve as the main pillars in our drive for succe

Continued Mentoring and Coaching

Each week with consist of at least one virtual meeting. This meeting will consist of a discussion about the past weeks games as a well as any other topics that come up. Through each week, clients will receive material to review such as mental training worksheets, film analysis, specialized workouts, nutrition information, among many others. We are on the clock 24/7. Anytime our players want to talk, we will be there. Have a bad game? Coach benched you in the third? Groin soreness? Shoot us a text.


We strive to find the best places for our clients to continue their hockey career. Through our program our clients will have the best chance of succeeding. We will do everything in our power to put our players in the best position to reach their goals and succeed.